September 12, 2015

Gangbuster raid inches closer to Mayor’s doorstep

Any link between Thursday’s pre-dawn raid on the notorious Dixon City Bloods gang, their litany of alleged crimes, and the crack cocaine scandal that has rocked Mayor Rob Ford’s office,  remains as yet unclear; although an apparent connection was insinuated by police during a news conference inside the 23 Division. For the first time police said their investigation into the high-profile slaying of Anthony Smith, who appeared in a widely-circulated photograph with Mr. Ford (see above), forms part of Project Traveller, the codename used for the year-long investigation that had culminated in the latest Etobicoke raids. Police said around 300 charges were laid against about four dozen suspects believed to be involved in narcotics, weapons and other criminal activities. Mayor Ford has meanwhile refrained from commenting on the ongoing raids and the investigation.


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