July 17, 2015

Hugo Chavez passes away

Following prolonged battle with cancer, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has succumbed to his illness, according to the country’s vice president. The 58 years old revolutionary is a former military officer who’s recently returned to Venezuela after undergoing a complicated cancer surgery and more than two months of treatment in Cuba.

Born on July 28, 1954, Chavez hailed from a working class family of schoolteachers. He was raised by his grandmother. After joining the army, Chavez turned himself into a leftist and socialist ideologue during his military service.

A failed coup attempt in 1992 landed him in prison. But the relentless and intrepid crusader managed grass root support and established the Fifth Republic Movement, a political party which made him an elected president in 1998.

Venezuelans and the world will remember him for his sweeping constitutional reforms, control of natural resources and the popularity of his political outfit, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.


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